Here’s a not-so-comprehensive list of colleagues that I really think you should check out.  (Updated periodically)

Bryan Wescott Smith – Producer / Musician in Brooklyn NY.  I was fortunate enough to work with this guy at Clinton Recording Studios a few years ago – and learned so much from him.  Brian is a great guy – and his site offers up some great info about recording.  His website is

Andy Freeman Audio – a great recording outfit out of California.  My friend Andy Freeman is the chief engineer.

Bob Williams – Lead singer and  songwriter from Peach League.  Bob just recently released his first solo effort.  Such a fun project!

Prague Recording – When I worked at Clinton Recording in NYC, the best days were when I assisted Gary Chester.  I learned so much from this amazing engineer.  Check out Gary’s current projects recording in Prague, Czech Republic.

Diane Schuur –  Two-time Grammy Award winning jazz musician.  Great times mixing her concerts in Atlanta.

Erik Mongrain – a talented Canadian guitar player whose playing references one of my guitar heros, Michael Hedges.  Fun recording sessions

Pierre Bensusan – one of the finest guitar players in the world.  Such a graceful guy to work with in sessions.

Earl Klugh – a legend in jazz guitar.  Working with Earl in Atlanta at his Ferst Center concerts is always a pleasure.

The 5 Browns – this amazing quintet have turned classical music on its head.  For the better.  Fun project working with them live!

Clinton Recording Studios, NYC – I can’t believe this place is gone.  This is where I worked after graduating from CRAS.  The website is still up.  Go check out how recording studios used to be – and still should be!

The Conservatory of Recording Arts – made some amazing friends out in Tempe AZ getting my recording degree.

Stuart Breed – a great engineer I met while working at Clinton Studios.  He was there with Geoff Emerick working on Nellie McKay’s first album.  Learned a lot from those guys during those weeks.

Universal Audio – maker of some of the finest audio tools in the world.  There is rarely a day that goes by that don’t reach for a UA product to do my job.  Great customer service as well – a rarity these days.

Dangerous Music – amazing mastering tools.  Transparent.

Kush Pro Audio – unique tools that I could not live without every day.

Slate Digital – Steven Slate and his crew make some of the finest audio tools out there.

Mackie – work-horse audio gear that has made it possible for anyone to create great sounding music.

KRK Systems – great monitoring without the traumatic price tags!

Focal Pro Audio – my favorite monitors in the world.

FMR Audio –  Best preamps and compressors under 1000 bucks, bar none!

Grace –  Great clean sounding preamps.  Love  them.

1964 Ears – There are more expensive in-ear monitors out there, but these guys are the best!

La Fonderie Project Paris – a fantastic arts ministry run by some friends in the US and Brazil.


Many more to come…

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